MENDOZA “The land of sunshine and good wine”

The City of Mendoza is 1 hour 15 minutes far from Cordoba by plane, famous for lodging Mount Aconcagua, for its Malbec wines and for being the cradle of the heroic deeds of Liberator General San Martín, Father of the nation, it is one of the most beautiful and neat cities in the country.


Sightseeing tours show visitors the history and culture of its dwellers, which may also be appreciated in its museums, its cafés, squares, institutions and public buildings.

mendoza (1)

But also nature rules in this city that serves as a starting point for all kinds of adventure activities and high country sports, such as mountaineering, climbing and ski, as well as river rafting, which is practiced in the Mendoza River, with some very difficult stretches highly praised by the best sportsmen in the world.

The Wine Route…


The Wine Roiute is another ancient and renovated attraction in town. Visitors may go around several wineries tasting the wines produced at those venues and which have made this region famous worldwide.


Open to experts and amateurs, for those looking for a comforting rest or those eager for adventure, there is a moment and a wine for each one of them. The rich geographical and climatic diversity of the country provides its wines with unique personalities, and the same happens with the possibilities offered in each place. As you enjoy the incredible landscapes, the secrets and the spirit of every soil get discovered, written in the art that gives birth to the magnificent wines that make part of the Argentinean Wine Route.


Several other provinces in Argentina produce wine, but Mendoza is the star of the show due to the incredible diversity of its production. Its wines range between world-famous, award-winning malbecs, and simple vino patero (foot-pressed wine). That diversity is also evident in Mendoza’s terroir. The eastern department of Maipú – home to big-name wineries such as Trapiche, Zuccardi and López – reaches 700 metres above sea level, while hotspot Uco Valley, a more southerly region in the shadow of the the Andes, tips 1,100 metres. These areas have distinctive microclimates that hold the key to Mendoza’s extensive and exciting portfolio.

paseo de la alameda.jpg

Malbec clearly rules the roost in Mendoza and has made its home in Luján de Cuyo and sub-districts such as Chacras de Coria, Vistalba and Agrelo. Bordeaux reds such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot and cabernet franc also fare well, while native grape torrontés riojano, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and viognier are waving the flag for the whites.


It is impossible to resist the temptation to visit the wineries that have made this province s famous. Mendoza is one of the most important winemaking poles in Argentina. Its wines have acquired worldwide recognition for their taste, aroma and color,

To meet the most adorable, top quality winemaker, go visit Carmelo Patti in Lujan de Cuyo and see him make amazing Malbecs all on his own. He is said to be a one-man army, making his wines single handedly with all the attention and care of a true master-craftsman. We think it’s his warmth and the humility of his surroundings, despite International acclaim of his wines, that make the experience so special.


While in Lujan, if you want to have amazing Sparkling wine, you can head to Chandon for a multi-course winery lunch and to taste through as many bubbles as your heart desires.

If it’s an architectural masterpiece you’re after, Salentein in the Uco Valley offers great wines, gorgeous architecture and even an art gallery with modern and traditional exhibits that showcase regional and International talent. Their barrel room was designed to be a fabulous location for music concerts, with tremendous acoustics and barrels integrated into the décoration.


You can also join the Gimenez Riili family’s cozy winery, receiving a tour with one of the winery’s handsome brothers, as well as an asado if you like. While their Gran Reserva Malbec is not to be missed, their Perpetuum Torrontes really steals the show.  


Influenced by great cultures as the Spanish and Italian, the culinary tradition of Mendoza has been forged over time with an exquisite blend of customs with Creole origin; the flavors of its cuisine are the result of an enviable fusion of traditions.

The cuisine of this city is mainly based on the use of meat that can be enjoyed accompanied by exquisite salads or delicious cheese. The gastronomy of Mendoza also includes dishes based on seafood, including salmon and trout, among others.

There is nothing better than enjoying a good wine with any of the delicious dishes that you’ll find in Mendoza. The city offers a great variety of restaurants where you can enjoy its delicious regional specialties, as well as modern and refined restaurants with international specialties.


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