***IGUAZU FALLS SPECIAL*** Summer record on the Iguazu Falls: more than 39 thousand visitors

Because of the long weekend more than 39 thousand tourists came to visit the Falls, the greatest beginning of the year on History!

The extra long weekend (because of the Carnival) was fully lived at the Falls. More than 35.000 tourist traveled to Misiones to enjoy to 275 water jumps of this natural paradise.

“We are facing the best February of the Falls’ history, we’re closing the month with 154.00 tourist, a number that we’ve never achieved” says Alcides Capra, manager of the Iguazu Argentina company, who has the services concessions of the Park.


Last Sunday, the Park Rangers and tourist operator were surprised to see coming 11.618 to the National Park, and they where just expecting to 9.500 visitors. “If we add the amount of visitors that we had in January and February, this is the best start of year that we ever had”

In Just 59 days 339.00 persons arrived to the Falls, 5.000 more than in 2012.


Leopoldo Lucas, president of the Iguazu Ente Municipal of Tourism (ITUREM), agrees that the amount of tourists of this year raises the 30%. (Last year 119.147)

Iguazu Falls (3).jpg

The amount of people collapsed the parking lots and a lot of them had to leave their vehicles at the access gate and come in walking. “We’ve hired private security to take care of those vehicles while the people where enjoying the falls” This great beginning is owed to the amount of Argentinians that choose the jungle and falls to spend some few days off.

In Misiones the percentage of hotel reservations came up to 70% and in Puerto Iguazu the 90%.





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