Las Lilas – Cabañas

Cabaña Las Lilas, located in the heart of Puerto Madero, is a restaurant that combines the tradition of Argentinean meat with Brazilian warmth and hospitality. The venue was established in 1995 in a joint venture between Belarmino Fernández Iglesias, owner of the well-known restaurant chain Rubaiyat in São Paulo, and Estancias y Cabaña Las Lilas S.A., a 4th generation family business specializing in the breeding of the best livestock in Argentina and the Americas.

las liliilas.jpg

The selection of the best raw material, together with an impeccable service, has turned Cabaña Las Lilas into a world-class restaurant visited by the most demanding gastronomes. The prestigious American newspaper “The New York Times” has even named it as one of the 10 best restaurants worldwide. Distinguished continuously since 2007 with the wine spectator award.

Our Meat

Our exceptional meat, well-known for its juiciness, tastiness and tenderness, is the result of more than 80 years of meticulous production of, evaluation of, and grass selection of the best variety in the heart of the country and in Mercosur for the five leading breeds: Black and Red Angus, Polled and Horned Hereford, Black and Red Brangus, Braford and Brahman.

las lilas2.jpg

Among our dishes guests can found: home breads and starters, meats, fishes and seafood, cold dishes, salads and accompaniments, dessertsand a well designed list of wines.

If you are visiting Buenos Aires, Las Lilas is a compulsory visit. The best Argentinian meat.

Pablo Aguiló

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